January 2018                                    

                             PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS


Business Owner/Operator; Retired Special-Education Teacher

Have you sometimes had trouble trusting and believing Romans 8:28? Many years ago I was active in my church and constantly looking for things to use especially for children. I was thrilled to find a Christian bookstore in Waynesburg that had just what I needed. I first met Donna and Larry Koller at A Touch of Spirit which they owned and operated. Although a Christian bookstore and gift shop, it was also a place where much ministry happened. At the time I had no idea how God would use this meeting in so many ways for years to come. That was in 1991 or '92.

Later, when my husband Brent became ill, we were eventually unable to attend church services. However, we kept in touch with Donna at the store and appreciated that we could depend on prayer support through the prayer ministry there. Over the years, our relationship grew.

By the time the Koller's co-founded Servant Song Ministries in 2005, my husband's health had become grave and, although we were very interested in this new ministry, we could only be involved through prayer.

In April 2006, my beloved husband Brent died, and I was lost in my grief. It was finally through a grief ministry program at Servant Song, "Gone From Our Sight," that I began to find a way to go on with life. Little by little, I began participating in other programs and activities there, and I loved each one.

In the summer of 2007, Donna approached me about the possibility of serving on the board of directors at Servant Song. I was honored to consider the request--I hold dear so many things about Servant Song. . . . It is ecumenical--ALL are welcome. ALL the activities are God-centered and ALL for the Glory of God! . . .The co-founders and all who are a part of the Servant Song family are dedicated to "listening and following the Lord's guidance" each day, trusting Him completely, and serving accordingly.

So the next time you struggle to believe and trust Romans 8:28, just remember it might not seem that things are working to good immediately--or even after a period of time--but our God is faithful, and His word is true!

It's been many years since I first met Donna, 25 or 26 now I think, but God sure has worked that meeting for good! TRUST!!!